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Apple Issued Apology Regarding Their New Map Tool With iOS 6

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A very rare apology has been issued by Apple CEO Tim Cook. The company says they are extremly sorry for the frustration their custumers had to experience and that they will be working on making maps better.

But that's not all… Tim also suggested to Apple customers that in the meantime they could check out products from their main competitors!

While many people see this as a stupid mistake, I believe it's a good step in the right direction. What's the point of trying to hide such a mistake. Instead I like the fact that they are upfront with everyone and even mention the products of their biggest rivals.

Help your customers and they will help you (in the long run!). Here at the Perth SEO Company we haven't even used the new Apple Map but will definitely be checking it out very soon!

If you would like some more information on Apple's apology, you can find the open letter from Tim Cook here:

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