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Checking Your Competition With Different Backlink Data Providers

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Have you ever found yourself checking the back links to your own site as well as the back links of your competitors?

Well, if you are serious about SEO and are anything like me…. you probably have! Checking your competitors and analysing a market is part of the SEO basics and always should be done BEFORE entering a market.

That way you can be sure that you have a fair chance to succeed and don't wast valuable time on keywords/markets that will take you years (if at all possible) to compete in.

When comparing backlink data provider you will find that not all tools deliver the same results. Some providers will show you more back links than others and the important thing to understand is the value of each of those backlinks.

Not all links are made equal, so knowing which once count the most is important. To find out more about different back link checking tools read this article:

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