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Content Marketing vs. SEO – What’s better?

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Well… to make it short: You need both. Just trying too fool Google by building a bunch of back links to your website does not work (by far as good) as it used to.

You might see some results – yes you will if you do it right – and for "low competition niches" that might still be good enough to rank well.

However, the world is changing and the online world is changing even faster. While a couple of years ago the only way for businesses to reaching out to people was by TV, Radio or Printmedia, these days the key to online marketing success is to understand that your business is a publishing plattform in itself.

You can publish what you want, when you want it and then distribute your content via several channels to increase brand awareness and grow your audience.

This will not only spread the word about your business but also attract links back to your site and that is was Google wants to see and will happily reward you with great rankings.

James Carson also wrote an article on this topic which you can read here: Could content marketing replace the SEO department?

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