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Dancing With Google – The Google Dance is back

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If you’ve been involved in SEO and online marketing for a while you will remember the so called “Google Dance”.

It’s a phenomenon that used to happen after a new algorithm has been launched and your website tends to dance in the search engine results pages. The term itself first came up in 2002.

Sometimes your site would come up on the first page and other times it would appear somewhere in the “nowhere land” until finally Google has decided where to place your online presence for certain keyword searches.

While the Google Dance disappeard a while ago it now seems to be back on stage. This time we can expect even more “dances” than before… at least for websites that use “grey hat” SEO tactics and don’t stick to best practice SEO.

The main reasons for the return of the Google Dance are the latest Panda and Peguin updates that target low quality content and overoptimised websites in oder to reduce so called “web spam”!

For more information on this topic check out Danny Sullivan’s post on MarketingLand.

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