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How To Find A High-Quality SEO Company

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SEOIf you or your company have decided to utilise online marketing and SEO to generate more sales, sell more of your services and increase your brand awareness, the next step is to find an SEO Company that you can trust.

This does not sound like a complicated task but you’ll be surprised how many so called “SEO Gurus” out there are offering their services that actually don’t know their trade.

So how do you make sure you don’t run into scammers and pick a quality SEO Company that can actually deliver results.

Here are 4 Tips you can use to determine whether or not an SEO service provider knows what they are doing:

Read SEO related Magazines and Blogs. To get a feeling for whats out there and what the latest trends are in search engine optimisation and online marketing it’s a good start to have a look around.

This will put you in a position where you will be able to ask the company some relevant questions in order to find out if they really understand what’s important and what isn’t.

Ask friends and other business owners for referrals. Oftentimes it’s a good idea to ask others for their experience. If you know other business owner that already work with an SEO professional they can provide you with some good feedback.

They could give some information that can help you finding the right SEO services for your needs or even refer you to the SEO professionals they work with.

Use Google to look for local SEO Companies. What’s better than using a search engine like Google to find a professional SEO that actually manages to rank high on Google for it’s relevant search queries.

Let’s say you are in Perth (Western Australia) and are looking for a local SEO expert. If you then search for something like “Perth SEO Company” and the company you are considering comes up on the first page, you can at least be sure that they know how to optimise their own website and achieve high Google rankings.

That does not guarantee that they’ll do the same for their clients but it’s at least a good indicator that they know about the latest search engine optimisation strategies.

Take a trial. Once you think you’ve found a quality SEO service provider give them a “test drive”. Be aware of binding contracts that lock you in for several months or even years. You should be able to start with a three or four month trial to see what kind of results they can achieve for your business.

Don’t expect to be dominating Google for all of your search queries within only a couple of month but after four month you should at least see some results and increased traffic to your site.

Finding a quality SEO company that can deliver results for your business is not always an easy task. But as long as you stick to the Tips mentioned above you will be fairly save to run into a dodgy service provider.

Here at the Perth SEO Company we offer a free no-obligation one hour consultation to discuss your needs and determine if and how SEO could benefit your company.

We don’t lock you into any contracts and we only work with a maximum of 5-7 clients at a time. That way you can be sure that you’ll not just be a number and in case you’ve any questions you’ll be speaking to someone that not only knows about SEO but also knows you and your business.

To find out more get in touch with us today and we can arrange for your first free consultation and get the chance to meet in person.

Just click here to contact us and we’ll get back to you shortly!

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