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SEO Is Dead – Or Maybe Not?

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I've found a funny (or interesting) Infographic from SEO Book on the topic of "The Death of SEO" which always tends to come up after Google releases a major algorithm update.

Following the graphic, the first claim of death of search engine optimisation appeared in 1997. After that it was the Florida update in 2003 that made people believe that SEO would be dead (at least the way many people do SEO!).

Then it was the next big algo update in 2011, called the Panda update and this year it has been the Penguin update that makes people go crazy about a new area of search engine optimisation.

The game has changed, that for sure… and it will keep changing! Here at the Perth SEO Company we'll be closely paying attention to all upcoming changes by Google, Yahoo and Co to make sure our own websites as well as our clients websites will benefit the most as soon as a new algorithm update has been released. We love those updates as it improves the search results for the user and takes out all those "low quality sites".

You can find the infographic at:

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