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New Google Update Targeting EMD’s (Exact Match Domains)

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When starting a new website many people focus on picking the right domain name. In many cases those people end up buying a keyword rich domain name or even an exact match domain.

Examples include things like:, or (Note: these are just some random examples, I don't even know if those sites exist!).

The idea behind an exact match domain is to gain an advantage in the search results. One of Google's ranking factors is the domain name. So if your domain name includes the keyword you are trying to rank for, you will will have a little bonus "ranking juice" compared to your competitors who don't have that keyword in their domain name.

Over the last couple of years the importance of EMD's has dropped, it still is part of the ranking factors though and does help with SEO efforts.

Google is well aware of that fact and has just released another algorithm update targeting "low quality exact match domain's".

You can find out more about the update and its affect on different websites here:

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