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Online Marketing Recap: This weeks highlights!

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Following you can find the highlights of this weeks online marketing news.

How to make the most out of your content strategy for this season

Writing content is not easy. Writing high quality content is even harder. But we all know “content is king”.

So what do you have in plan for this upcoming season? Hammering out the same old “chistmal stuff” from last year? Probably not a good idea.

Google Launches Link Disavow Tool

Google has launched a new and widely anticipated “disavow links” tool. The tool was announced by the head of Google’s web spam team Matt Cutts, when speaking during a keynote at the Pubcon conference today.

The tool is live and can be found here. It has been beta tested by some selected SEOs already for the past few weeks. About 45 minutes after Cutts spoke, Google formally announced the tool on the Google Webmaster Central blog.

Social Media for eCommerce: Facebook vs. Pinterest

What’s better for business: Facebook or Pinterest? Cynthia Boris has written an article on MarketingPilgrim titled: “Shopping Engagement: Facebook Has the Reach but Pinterest Has the Passion“.

There are some intersting facts in the article, i.e. 70% of users of Pinterest said that the site would “inspire” them to go and buy stuff! How great is that for advertising your online business?

Google stil number 1 search engine – Yahoo on the downfall

SearchEngineLand has published the latest share in search for September 2012.

Compared are the comScore numbers on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and AOL.

While Google keeps dominating, Yahoo continues to become less important.

Google search results: only 7 instead of 10 in the future?

In August this year some search results started to appear with only 7 listings for the first time. Since then many people are scared that this might be the future for all search queries.

While for the moment it seems like Google is doing some testing only in certain markets (i.e. retail and technology), noone knows what’s happening with other areas.

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