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Online Marketing Recap: This weeks Highlights

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Find below the most important online marketing news for the past couple of days:

Google rolls out the 20th Panda update

While the Panda update was in Feburaty 2011 Google keeps launching new updates nearly every month.

This month they have released the 20th update. The release has been undertaken fairly quite and also overlapped the so called “EMD update” last Friday targeting low quality exact match domains. […]


Lates Google Updates for August & September 2012

While there have been several major changes on Google over the past 12 to 18 month, Google keeps updating their Algo on a regular basis.

In a recent blog post they have announce the latest changes in August and Septembe […]


Integrating Earned, Owned, Paid and Shared Media Becomes More and More Important


Integrating social media and other content publications in order to optimise the sales funnel has become more important than ever before.

Lee Odden will be talking on that topic at the MarketingProfs B2B Forum in Bosten and just published a couple of interesting stats. […]


Twitter a Big Winner during the Presidential Election


Frank Reed has published an intersting article on MarketingPilgram on the correlation between the presidential debate in Denver and the tweet volume related to it. […]


Now More Than 1 Billion Users on Facebook!

Everyone knows that Facebook is growing…and growing fast! This month Mark Zuckerberg announced in the Facebook Newsroom that the number of users have increased to over 1 Billion active users. […]


SMX Social Media Marketing Conference: Get Your Tickets Now

This years SMX Social Media Marketing will be held on December 5th & 6th in Las Vegas.

The Search Marketing Expo has just relesed their Agenda. With topics such as “Tactics to increase Facebook reach & engagement, cusomer acquisition through […]


New: Goolge Launches “Wallet for Web Content” – Find out What it is

Do you want to make money with your online articles? Well… now you can!

Google has just launched the new “Google Wallet for Web Content”. From now on you can sign up for a Google Wallet account and will be able to purchase content on individual web pages. […]


SEO Landing Pages: How to Segment Traffic to Specific Pages on Your Website

Back in the old days the SEO cummunity would suggest you create a separate landing page for each keyword you are going after.

So let’s say you want to target “dog training” as well as “training dogs”. In this case you might get in trouble with Google’s Panda update. […]


LinkedIn: The 10 Most Important Features For Online Marketers

Are you on LinkedIn? If not… you should be! With more than 175 millon active members the community is growing fast and offers outstanding oppurtunities to connect with people in your industry and build meaningful realationships! […]


Getting Links Is Easy If You Know What Content To Produce

If you are doing some SEO work on you website one of the main things you are probably after are: links, links and more links!

But how do get more high quality links? The answer is pretty simple: by producing more quality content. […]


Facebook Introduces Custom Audiences: Target Your Clients On Facebook

Facebook has just launched their new custom audience feature. But what is a custom audience exactly and how can you use it?

Well… to make a long story short: you can now use your own customer contact details to cross check them with facebook’s user information and display ads only to […]

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