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Remarketing Now Included In Goolge Search (Beta)

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For everyone who does not know what remarketing means, it's a way of displaying advertisments to users that have been visiting a particular website previously. The goal is to get them to come back to the site in order to take some form of action.

Using search engine marketing such as Google Adword is a great way of getting targeted website traffic to your website. In the mean time you can focus your efforts on search engine optimisation to get your website up in the organic (free) Goolge listings.

Once you have achieved those (unpaid) rankings on the first page of Google you can then reduce your AdWords campaigns in order to invest in new marketing strategies that will further grow your business online.

While remarketing these days is a well established strategy used by most online maketing companies to utilise the power of multiple website visits, Goolge has now included remarketing in the new beta search. Most online marketers know that it takes an average of 7 visits to a website before the user will take action (i.e. buy a product or sign up for a newsletter).

The recent changes made by Google are called "Remarketing in Search" and the idea behind it is quite simple. You can find out more about it at:

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