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SearchLove London & Boston – Get Ready for an Exiting SEO Event

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This years SearchLove Bosten will be focusing on integrating CRO (conversion rate optimisation) in SEO. A lot of “old school” SEO’s still don’t pay much attentions to the conversion of their clients websites.

After the latest Google Alog changes the click through and conversion rates of a website play a vital roll when it comes to rankings.

Mike Pantoliano from the Distilled team in Boston will be presenting on the topic of how to bring CRO into the daily consciousnes of today’s search engine optimisers.

The SearchLove Boston will take place in early November and the SearchLove London will be held on the 29th and 30th of October.

In case you haven’t booked you ticket yet… it’s not too late. You can find out more at the Distilled website:

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