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SEO Basics: How to do Keyword Research like a Pro

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No matter if you are new to SEO or have been optimising your website for search engines for quite some time. The steps that are required to run a successful SEO marketing campaign are always the same.


The first and most important step is to do proper keyword research. Finding the right keywords is the most important step in order to guarantee results.


To start off with it's a good idea to check what your main competitors are doing. If you don't know what keywords people might use in order to look for the products and services your company has to offer just go to Google and search for your top 3 competitors online.


At this stage you don't need to analyse their website or anything, just remember their website URL (the domain name).


Google itself offers a great tool for keyword research, it's simply called the Google Keyword Tool. Just Google it and you'll find it straight away in the top search results.


To be able to use the keyword tool you'll need to create a Google account which is free and does not cost you anything.


Once you've logged into the keyword tool, just type the URL of one of your competitors into the search box next to “URL” and hit “search”.


Google will now analyse the targeted website and show you the most related keyword phrases for that particular website as well as other relevant search phrases.


It's most likely that not all of the keyword phrases are exactly related to your business and the products and services you have to offer.


Just pick the top 3-5 keywords and write them on a list. Alternatively you can also download the keywords by clicking on “download” and save them as a “CSV-file”.


Now do the same thing again with the websites of your other competitors to see what kind of keywords Google relates to their websites.


You should now see at least some keywords that came up for most of your competitors. Those will most likely be also relevant to your business.


To find more keywords or search queries related to those that are relevant to you and your business simply type them into the search field at the top, delete the URL you've previously entered in the field below (from your competitors) and hit the “search” button.


What you will see now is a list of all keywords related to the keyword you've typed into the search box.


Now you have a list of keywords that are used by your competitors and that are also relevant to what your business has to offer.


Before you start optimising you entire website for those keywords it's a good idea to also do a competitive analyses but this would certainly be a topic for an entire article.


If you need help getting started with your SEO campaign or simply want to make sure that you are doing the right thing and don't wast valuable time and money by focusing on the wrong keywords, just shoot us an email and we are happy to guide you through the process in order to guarantee the best possible results.

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