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Small Business Online Marketing: How to get Started Online

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Many small businesses, new or old, are still in the process of “preparing” their online presence or thinking of “MAYBE” getting started online.

By now it’s become clear to most small business owners that not being online means being left behind! But getting your small business online can be a tough call.

The problem for most small businesses is not a shortage on information on the web but a shortage of knowledge in online marketing and getting sucked into some “quick fix” SEO courses that might produce short term results but can harm the business in the long run!

So, here are 4 easy steps to get you started:

1. Create ONE social media account where you can start to publish and share

If you just use one single social media account to begin with it will be a lot easier for you to learn how to use it and what language to use! Social Media is not about advertising your business it’s about people and sharing USEFULL information.

Once you have mastered your first social media platform you can then move on and tackle the next one. If you start with 5 channels at the same time chances are that you will be overwhelmed and just give up!

2. Use your passion and/or expertise for online marketing

Every small business owner is an expert at something – you too! Use your expertise and establish yourself as the “go-to-person” for your niche/market! It’s obviously a lot easier to do that if you are passionate about your business and have a strong willingness to help others. Social Media and your own blog are a perfect starting point to become “that expert”.

3. It’s about GETTING STARTED – no matter with what!

I know how overwhelming it can be if you just get started online. You might waste hours to figure out how to tweet on Twitter or how to build first facebook fan page for your business. Your first goal should not be to become the next online marketing expert out there but just to GET STARTED!

Don’t worry about which platform you use and it doesn’t even matter if you have a website or not (although it helps of course if you already have one!). The most important thing at this stage is just to “get your feet wet” and start being active online. Everything else will come over time.

4. Forget about Marketing and just focus on getting used to the online space

Most business owner make the mistake and think it’s all about marketing their business online. Well… at the end it is, but definetely not in the beginning. Social media is probably the WORST place where you just want toot your own horn. What happens if you do? NOBODY WILL LISTEN!

So when you just get started with your small business online marketing just forget about marketing and purely focus on adding value to the online community by sharing your passion and knowledge with people that are interested in what you have to say. The marketing part will come automatically and ultemately should be your goal BUT NOT IN THE BEGINNING!

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