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The Latest Ranking Factors and Strategies for SEO

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Google and other search engines change quickly and with them the SEO strategies that will help your website to rank better in Google, Yahoo, Bing & Co.

Over last 12 to 18 month in particular we have seen some major changes in the world of search engine optimisation. Google’s Panda update in early 2011 was the first big algorithm update since 2003!

While many SEO’s out there still fear the new changes and try to keep up with the old-fashioned strategies they have been using for years and years, it was in 2012 that Google rolled out another major update titled the Penguin update that made even the last SEO realise that the world of SEO is changing fast.

Just doing what everyone else has been doing for decades just does not work anymore! The focus is now on quality rather than on quantity and that is generally speaking a good move, not only for SEO’s but in particular for the end user.

While a couple of month ago most SEO’s would spend the majority of their time in link building, nowadays it might be wise to investigate the quality of your own website and how people engage with it!

Links from web directories, article directories or blog comments are nice but do they really ad value to the user??

Julianne Staino from the Distilled team has published a great article on the latest SEO and link aquiring strategies.

Go and check it our here:

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