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The Perth SEO Company’s weekly SEO Recap – 2013 Week 3

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This is what happened this week on the Perth SEO Company blog:


Google Providing Phone Support For Google+ Local Verification Issues

Yes…it's true! Who would have thought that Google provides phone support for one of their free services?!?

If you/your business has verification troubles with Google+ Local you can actually a number and speak to a real person!


Yahoo! Image Search – now with Flickr photos

Yahoo announces new search feature. From now on you can find and share photos from Flickr within the Yahoo Image Search.


Considering that the "new" head of Yahoo!, Marissa Mayer, is an ex-Googler it's not a big surprise that this change has been made.


What's Ahead For Mobile Marketing In 2013


Aaron Strout wrote a great article for MarketingLand about the latest trends in Mobile Marketing for 2013.

Mobile is growing fast and some people expect it to overtake desktop some time this year.


Twitter passes 200 million monthly active users; no longer a fad

It's official – Twitter has surpassed 200 million active users every single month!

Even though compared to Facebook with it's 1 billion active users the Twitter numbers look almost pretty smallish.


Claim Google Authorship for Your WordPress Website in 3 Easy Steps

The Google Authorship markup has changed the Google-world! Google now gives credit to the authors when ranking websites and not only counts links that point back to a specific page.

Setting up the Google Authorship used to be a big pain in the bum. However this has changed since you can now easily verify your Google Plus account with your website through a <link rel="author"> in the <head> section of your site.


How to Improve Your Marketing Accuracy with Facebook Hyper Targeting

Facebook's Hyper-Targeting is one of the secret weapons of highly successful online marketers.

When it comes to marketing – no matter if on- or off line – knowing your targeted audience is THE number one factor that guarantees success!


How to Give Yourself an Edge in Making 2013 Your Best Year Ever

Michael Hyatt has written another great article, listing the 10 lessons he has learned from Robert D. Smith.

One of the lessons that still is high on my list is always asking yourself what is the next important thing for you to….


Updated: Stronger Reports Of A Google Update

There have been signs of a recent Algorithm update by Google. On Monday some people reported on the WebmasterWorld Forum that they've seen changes in the search engine result pages.


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