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The Truth about Web Design & SEO

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Are you thinking of getting a new web design in order to rank better in search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing?


Many businesses confuse web design with SEO. The truth is, they are two completely different disciplines!


In fact, web design has got nothing to do with SEO and there is no such thing as SEO web design. Yes, you'll need an effective design in order to convert your visitors into customers but a new “flashy” web design does not automatically mean that Google will love your new site and put it higher up the search results.


In order to achieve high rankings in search results, drive a lot of visitors to your website and turn those visitors into paying customers you will need both – a great web design and a site that is well optimised for Google & Co.


The impact that a website design has on SEO is minimal. It probably counts for 5% or less when it comes to search engine optimisation. Considering this, it does not really matter which web designer you get to work on your site. Although some designer are better in implementing SEO-friendly coding then others.


Once the website is ready to go you can start optimising it for the search engines or get someone to do it for you. The steps that need to be taken are almost always the same.


First you want to make sure that your on-page factors are taken care of. This includes all meta tags such as the title and the description tag.


It's also important that your websites content uses similar words then the people that are using the search engines would use to find you or your products and services.


Only after your website is optimised for the relevant keywords that people search for it's time to move on to the off-page optimisation. Back links are still the most important off-page factor in Google's algorithm and should be high on your SEO efforts.


Only when you have a great looking and highly converting website and a site that is SEO-friendly and well optimised for the search engines you will see some results from you marketing dollars.


Getting it right is not an easy task for someone that is not familiar with the world wide web and therefore it might be a good idea to get help from a professional online marketing and SEO company.


If you need some help getting started with your new business website get in touch with us and together we can find a solution that will be most effective for your unique business!

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