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Tumblr Now Provides Cusom Analytics Like Facebook & Blogger

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Despite the fact that Tumblr now has become a HUGE social platform that is growing on a consistent basis, they also have released a new feature offering analytical insights for blogs hosted on their system.

Why is Tumblr so popular? There are litterally thousands of social media platforms out there and everyday there are a couple of new once coming up. The difference between Tumblr and other platforms is that it offers a unique combination of blog and social media.

Of course you can use Tumblr as a bloggin platform but you can also share you content with other people by what they call “reblogging” which is similar to a “ReTweet” on Twitter.

If you are serious about implementing Tumblr into your social strategy you can find more information on that topic in an article written by Cynthia Boris at

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