SEO Friendly Website Migration

Migrating your website to a new location can be an exciting experience, but the last thing you want to do is leave your traffic, ranking, and customers behind.

Moving your website? Take your traffic with you

SEO friendly website migration services can ensure that you have a strong and stable plan in place for moving your online presence from one location to another, without any travel concerns or hurdles along the way.

After all, while building a new website can be thrilling, it’s also rife with risks and friction that could cause problems for you and your target audience. The right website migration services ensure that your traffic comes with you to your new online home, so you can continue to enjoy the authority and loyalty you’ve worked so hard to build.

Upgrading Website Performance and SEO

Want a website that’s more likely to bring you the attention and engagement that you deserve? We can help with that. Our SEO friendly website migration solutions are tailor-made to your business goals. We work closely with your company to determine exactly what success means to you, before designing a strategy that helps you to keep hold of your existing traffic, while building your potential for future leads at the same time.

The last thing you want from a website migration process is to discover that your brand-new website isn’t quite as effective as you might have hoped. That’s why we don’t just work with you to upgrade your website – we also help you to boost your SEO too, for a better position on the search engine results pages.

Our specialists will help you to understand every step of the migration process in detail, from establishing your website’s information architecture to considering your Page URLs and internal linking strategies. We’ll even look at:

  • Page hierarchy and organisation
  • On-site search engine optimisation strategies
  • Keyword research and implementation
  • Crawlability and search engine appeal
  • Functionality and design updates

From Design to Delivery: Website Migration Services

Whether you’re looking for a simple redesign or a complete structural change, our website migration services will help to ensure that everything goes smoothly. We can help you with technology changes and re-platforming strategies, as well as the design and functionality updates intended to improve customer experience for your target audience.


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If you’re thinking of rebranding, marketing your product and services to local customer, moving your website to a brand-new domain space, we can even assist with that. At Digital Kaizen, we ensure that you have all the resources and tools required in order to reduce your risk of losing any visibility, rankings, relevant and valuable content, or website traffic.

We’ll even help you to gather important website data that you can use to manage your online presence in the future, such as page level metrics, site performance rankings, conversions, and traffic numbers. From there, we’ll help you to prepare, build, and implement your new website, for online perfection.

Start your Migration Today

As your local source for Perth website migration, we can work with you every step of the way on your journey to a stronger, more successful website. We know that maintaining a powerful online presence requires careful planning and preparation, that’s why we help you to build a comprehensive strategy for success.

What’s more, we’ll even help you to measure the impact of your move too, with things like AdWords information, Google My Business listings, content marketing, site performance, bounce rate, and traffic reports. With our professional technical SEO auditing service, you have access to a complete roadmap to SEO success.

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