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Pinterest allows you to communicate the value of your brand to your target market, with bulletin boards that engage your users with endless streams of content.

Get ready to captivate your customers

If you’ve got visual content to share, then Pinterest could be the ideal place for your brand to begin building its social media presence.¬†With Pinterest marketing services, you can take advantage of a platform that gives you a 3 times greater chance of retaining followers!

Pinterest gives your customers the opportunity to “pin” your favourite products and share them with thousands of Australians all seeking similar products.¬†Additionally, when you combine your Pinterest marketing with other social media and content strategies, you can turbocharge your website traffic, increase SEO, and improve the quality of your leads.

Pinterest Marketing for Your Business

Pinterest marketing services allow you to access an engaged community of customers who can spread brand awareness and recognition for your company. By sharing, or pinning your content, your clients not only engage with your business but also help you to tap into new networks around the world! While Pinterest marketing strategies are often the most effective for companies with “visual” products, the right plan can benefit almost any kind of business.

Using an innovative process of proven steps, we make sure that we’re not only sharing your content through Pinterest, we’re also driving valuable traffic towards your website. Our Pinterest marketing services include:

  • Comprehensive market research: We’ll examine your industry and market to help create a strategy that appeals to your unique goals. Once we understand exactly what you want to accomplish, we’ll help you to set up the ideal Pinterest business account.
  • Board Creation: Capture the attention of your target audiences with beautiful, appealing boards that help to showcase the value of your company and the unique elements of your business.
  • Content management: Use our expert social media marketing team to develop a content creation plan and communication schedule that suits your business. We’ll design a customised approach to marketing that focuses on the needs of your industry, and your customers.
  • Tracking and Interactions: By encouraging stronger connections between you and your customers, we can help you to make the most of Pinterest marketing, all the way from promoted pins, to targeted advertisements. Then, we’ll track your conversions too, so you can see the ROI of your Pinterest marketing services.


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Put Your Pin in The Marketplace

Though it’s technically labelled as a social network, Pinterest is more like a search engine, designed to drive traffic towards your company. Rather than posting frequent status updates, your business can connect with your customers by giving them the chance to learn more about your company, and see behind the scenes of your business. Users not only share the items they like on Pinterest, but 87% have purchased something they’ve seen on the platform.

At Digital Kaizen, our personalised LinkedIn marketing services in Perth are custom-made to suit your needs and support your existing social media campaigns. Whether you’re trying to enhance brand reach or improve engagement amongst new and existing customers, we can help you to create the Pinterest plan that works best for you.

Your customers are already interacting with brands through social media, and if you’re not speaking directly to your audience through social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest, you’re missing out!

Get ready to put your pin in the marketplace, and make the most of the social media world with Pinterest marketing services today! We also cover all facets of internet marketing

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